Progressing Life

These past three days have been very progressive in my life. After trying to sell the S14 for about 3 months, someone finally passed by and bought it. So with that cash I set out to find a nice relaxing daily driver, and focus on photography.


I ended up getting a every solid 1990 Mazda Miata. The owner before me has had it for 10 years! Replaced the timing belt, water pump and pretty much every hose the car has. This car is fucking solid. My only plans for now is to get the rear window fixed, and paint the rear bumper. Ill see what ill do after that.


That isn’t my only new purchase, I recently picked up a Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 IS. My wallet hurts, but wow is this lens amazing. These shots were taken with that lens on a T2i body and I love the DOF this lens has. I still need some time learning to use this lens, but so far this lens is perfect.


Getting use to the convertible life….if that even makes sense.


Ralph was modeling for me all day.


Prowling the runway like a majestic tiger.


Car does have its bumps here and there, but overall this car has me in love with Miata’s and at the moment I wouldn’t know if I would ever want to not own one. One of my favorite parts of this car is that it is lowered on BC coilovers. I honestly love the way BC coilovers ride.

Canon T2i w/ 70-200mm F/2.8 IS


World’s Cleanest Bathroom

Decided to go over to Abe’s yesterday for the first time in awhile to hang out, and drink some beers.


Fucking love the taste of this beer. Cold and from the tap is the best, but it is still pretty darn good in the bottle. When I got to the shop Abe was having over-heating issues on his raptor from all the mud on it.


Nice to see he hasn’t forgotten about his S14


Which is receiving a heart transplant that I love. Guess what it is.


But now onto my main focus of this post. The shop’s bathroom has to be the most pristine bathroom I have ever been in.


Every time I go there I think to myself…I need to photograph this bathroom, yet I always forget to. HA! But not this time. Hopefully you enjoy these pictures.









Kodak Color 400. No Post.

First Comic Book Monday!!!…On a Tuesday?

Yes I know, I said I was going to have comic book Mondays, yet this post is being made on a Tuesday. Well, I kinda of like it this way.


On Mondays Frank and me always have it off so we like to go to A&M Comics in Miami. It’s a great little shop that has just about everything you need. This Monday my friend Joe decided to come check it out and I loved his portrayal of the store “its clustered….but in a good way”. Now I’m not much into comics compared to my friend Frank. So I’m proud to say, he will be writing the comic book/video games article for the site.


Probably one of the most popular series for DC at the moment. I won’t lie, with my background it is a must have for me to enjoy the artwork of the comics. 95% of the time, these comics always for-fill that.


Last Monday, Frank picked up a MNT comic. Yeah, Frank is going to drop the knowledge on you people!!


I also had the privilege of photographing his private collection, so ill be releasing those pictures slowly. Here is Frank.

Well that’s about it for now. This Monday (cough cough Tuesday cough) was just an introduction for Frank. Frank the fucking TANK!!!

Also be sure to check out A&M Comics in Miami. 6650 Bird Rd.


Well, I haven’t been shooting too much car stuff lately due to me trying to sell my S14 and planning trips/features for Last Stance.


Check out LastStance.Net most of my car pictures will now be on there and some pictures from here were actually transferred over to there. It a great company that’s down to pachanga, and we are a close crew. With that said, all my film car pictures will still be posted here so don’t worry about this turning into a life-style blog.


There is a huge event at CFRC so expect me to post pictures from there (event is on the 26th). But, I am planning on posting more random stuff like COMIC BOOK MONDAYS!! I’m planning on posting every Monday something comic book related, since every Monday i am there anyhow.

Also, since I am now working at Billabong-Miami I figured it was time to start shooting skateboarding more often again.
(co-worker took this picture)

This job is a HUGE break from my last one, and now I actually have time to shoot and mess around.

I figured I will end this post with a picture of myself since I have never posted one here before. If any of you are from Miami and looking to buy a Skateboard or Longboard, swing by my job and say hi. BillaBong – Miami in Dolphin Mall.
(co-worker took this picture)

Kodak 400 Color Film

Random Meet


Went to a random meet and saw these two dudes just chilling by this clean 350z. They had their chips and drinks ready, as well as their lawn chairs. I think everyone could learn from these dudes.

Developed Some More Film

Alright, so the first film I posted up here was the CVS quality film. Now we move onto Kodak 400 and you could see the difference in colors and grains already. This film is a big step up. These pictures were not edited at all. (The CVS pictures were) I got a 5 pack of this film so don’t expect a different film til after I’m done with these.

Support “The Pit”


Had some time off today so I decided to check out the bands performing at “The Pit” today. If you have never heard of “The Pit” then well, you are missing out. This place is fairly new but in a short time it has gotten the support of multiple bands and a variety of people including myself.


Charlie even supports!!


I love photographing here because it is a challenge with the lighting, but once you find those spots that you get comfortable with. This place opens up.


First person to perform was a dude that goes by “I’m Not Holden Caulfield”. Great performance and the dude has a killer voice.


Every time I come here I can’t help but photograph shoes…


Alexander, how do you like this for no crowd separation?


Next band up was Slugage, and honestly, my favorite of the day. They had some much energy! I’m amazed no babies were punched during there set.



Energy!!! grrr


As soon as I took this picture I knew it was going to be my favorite of the day.


Last up was Penumbra, and they brought the Amberlamps! Their sound was very interesting to say the least and I honestly wouldn’t know what to classify them as. Genre: Bringing the Fucking Amberlamps!


Finally a picture of a drummer!


There whole set I was trying to capture this dudes hair, felt creepish, but at the end it was worth it.


Also, I wasn’t the only one that wanted his hair to flow in the wind.


Another one of my favorite pictures from this set.


This is the last picture I leave you guys and gals with.

If you live in the Miami area PLEASE support “The Pit”. It is a great venue and would be a shame to lose it. Also Look up those bands/artists on facebook to support them as well.

CVS “All Purpose” Film 400

I was at CVS and I saw this “amazing” film for sale. Decided eh, pictures cant come out that bad with this film, Ohhhh wow. This is the worst film ever created, but it did make my pictures look interesting so its for you to judge.



After photographing random stuff in my yard, I went out the skidpad (which got shut down early due to heavy rain) and tried my best to get something interesting. Here is what I got.









Older Canon 50mm

Going to start experiment with older lens to film with, should keep me entertained till I get my 200mm.

Last Batch of FD Pictures

Kyle Mohan is an amazing person and driver. I showed him the picture I snapped of his car last year and he was completely stoked. Signed the picture for me and even told me to stop by his pit area for some free stickers. This is the reason that FD is such an amazing sport.

K-sport was really going with the Miami Zombie theme. Its all I would hear about while walking the event.

Wish I got more pictures of Aono’s car

State of Stance was there too with some good looking cars