IMG_6971 copy

Photographing CFRC has really made me want to shoot more lately. I am now looking to expand my photo-ness (making up words) so expect to see some different motorsports and action sports up here. This year I am trying to hone my skills to make 2013 a life changing year. Might do more filming also.


IMG_6958 copy

IMG_7056 copy

Also the watermark you see here is just a tempt til I get a more legit one. So bare with me on that.

IMG_7069 copy

I have a facebook page for this blog, and certainly I am one like away from 100 likes. But to be honest, I don’t care about likes. I just want people to enjoy the pictures.


For the comic-book fans, I haven’t forgotten about you guys. Just been extremely busy, but by the end of the weekend I’ll have something up.


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