First Comic Book Monday!!!…On a Tuesday?

Yes I know, I said I was going to have comic book Mondays, yet this post is being made on a Tuesday. Well, I kinda of like it this way.


On Mondays Frank and me always have it off so we like to go to A&M Comics in Miami. It’s a great little shop that has just about everything you need. This Monday my friend Joe decided to come check it out and I loved his portrayal of the store “its clustered….but in a good way”. Now I’m not much into comics compared to my friend Frank. So I’m proud to say, he will be writing the comic book/video games article for the site.


Probably one of the most popular series for DC at the moment. I won’t lie, with my background it is a must have for me to enjoy the artwork of the comics. 95% of the time, these comics always for-fill that.


Last Monday, Frank picked up a MNT comic. Yeah, Frank is going to drop the knowledge on you people!!


I also had the privilege of photographing his private collection, so ill be releasing those pictures slowly. Here is Frank.

Well that’s about it for now. This Monday (cough cough Tuesday cough) was just an introduction for Frank. Frank the fucking TANK!!!

Also be sure to check out A&M Comics in Miami. 6650 Bird Rd.


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