Well, I haven’t been shooting too much car stuff lately due to me trying to sell my S14 and planning trips/features for Last Stance.


Check out LastStance.Net most of my car pictures will now be on there and some pictures from here were actually transferred over to there. It a great company that’s down to pachanga, and we are a close crew. With that said, all my film car pictures will still be posted here so don’t worry about this turning into a life-style blog.


There is a huge event at CFRC so expect me to post pictures from there (event is on the 26th). But, I am planning on posting more random stuff like COMIC BOOK MONDAYS!! I’m planning on posting every Monday something comic book related, since every Monday i am there anyhow.

Also, since I am now working at Billabong-Miami I figured it was time to start shooting skateboarding more often again.
(co-worker took this picture)

This job is a HUGE break from my last one, and now I actually have time to shoot and mess around.

I figured I will end this post with a picture of myself since I have never posted one here before. If any of you are from Miami and looking to buy a Skateboard or Longboard, swing by my job and say hi. BillaBong – Miami in Dolphin Mall.
(co-worker took this picture)

Kodak 400 Color Film

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