Support “The Pit”


Had some time off today so I decided to check out the bands performing at “The Pit” today. If you have never heard of “The Pit” then well, you are missing out. This place is fairly new but in a short time it has gotten the support of multiple bands and a variety of people including myself.


Charlie even supports!!


I love photographing here because it is a challenge with the lighting, but once you find those spots that you get comfortable with. This place opens up.


First person to perform was a dude that goes by “I’m Not Holden Caulfield”. Great performance and the dude has a killer voice.


Every time I come here I can’t help but photograph shoes…


Alexander, how do you like this for no crowd separation?


Next band up was Slugage, and honestly, my favorite of the day. They had some much energy! I’m amazed no babies were punched during there set.



Energy!!! grrr


As soon as I took this picture I knew it was going to be my favorite of the day.


Last up was Penumbra, and they brought the Amberlamps! Their sound was very interesting to say the least and I honestly wouldn’t know what to classify them as. Genre: Bringing the Fucking Amberlamps!


Finally a picture of a drummer!


There whole set I was trying to capture this dudes hair, felt creepish, but at the end it was worth it.


Also, I wasn’t the only one that wanted his hair to flow in the wind.


Another one of my favorite pictures from this set.


This is the last picture I leave you guys and gals with.

If you live in the Miami area PLEASE support “The Pit”. It is a great venue and would be a shame to lose it. Also Look up those bands/artists on facebook to support them as well.


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