Something is brewing in the Festival

This car has one purpose in life.

To drift. Not to get from point A to B, not to pick up gram gram from her retirement home, not to bring the kids home from school, but to drift. Nothing more, and nothing less. This car has a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, that I love.

S15 front fits like they should of always came on S14s. When was the last time you saw a CLEAN flat black paint job on a 240sx?

Yes, that is a festival motor-sports sticker that you see. Abe was the mad scientist that put this all together in the lab.

300zx Brakes for some nice stopping power.

Interior was kept simple. NRG Steering wheel/Quick Release.

This whole time I bet none of you were expecting this car to be making 400whp. Let me tell you, this car fucking rips.

Spinning 285s? This is my type of car.

All in all, this car is what people describe as “drift ready”, and believe me it WILL get drifted.



AEM Series 2 EMS

Nismo 740cc Injectors

Aeromotive FPR

AEM Wideband

Autometer Oil Pressure

Tial 38mm Wastegate

Koyo Rad

Precision Turbo 60-1

Ichiba Manifold

3in. Straight Pipe

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