Club Lexus BBQ

So, my friend invited me to the annual  Club Lexus BBQ/Greet and Meet gathering. I wasn’t sure what to expect honestly, but I knew one thing, there was going to be a bunch of amazing cars and let me tell you. This meet did not disappoint.

As soon as we got there, this mini cooper stood out like a sore thumb. Attention to detail was not missed on this car.

Now whenever Toyota or Lexus is mention what comes to mind? Big turbo 2j or 1j’s.

Even the most stock looking cars there had some form of a jz setup.

Found this car siting on the out skirts of the meet.

Gotta love this car

This car belongs to a photographer/filmer. Honestly one of the only scions that I could actually say I like.

Now, this car is like a little bit of J-land right here in our backyard. Spoke to the owner and this is his DAILY DRIVER. This car is just ridiculous.


The metal fender guard isn’t there for looks, if he didnt have it on his fenders they would be DESTROYED


As you could tell, there were plenty of cars that weren’t Lexus or Toyotas like this Civic

A great example of how one should be built.


Now what meet would be complete without some bbq!


Also one lucky dude got a stellar gift

Look at the size of that thing!

SP1 has to be my favorite rim


Saw this dude roll in, car is tits

Now, i know what you most be thinking, where in the hell are all the pictures of the supras. Well once this one showed up I fell in love with it and couldn’t be detached from it. So here you go, a stock block 800whp Supra on some ccw’s with a 335 tire on them in the rear.

The day ended with a raffle for some t-shirts and other goodies. Overall this was a GREAT meet. It had cars that were out of hand, finger licking good bbq, and some cool people to chat with. I do have more pictures so keep checking the blog and ill be posting them here and there.


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