Michael For President

This is Michael’s 2002 325ci


This is one of those cars that you see on the road and whether your a car person,  a hippie, or even  just the dog sticking your head out the window, you break  neck to look back at it.



What makes this car look so mean is the OEM M3 exterior body parts (Front, Rear, and
Side skirts) with the Hamman Front Lip.



The Stance isn’t bad neither. What keeps this car stiff is some Bilstein Pss9 Coilovers.
Also you may notice that the exhuast was even changed. Personally I think it makes this
car look much, much better.



OEM 18″ Wheels wrapped by some 225/40/18 all around.



What most people dont notice is the carbon fiber trunk and hood on this car. (Which is
painted in that beautiful “Hellrot” red color)



Honestly, what more can you ask from your daily driver? You have speed (let me tell
you, when he opens up this engine everyone within the area instantly has an orgasm),
style, and comfort.



Plus, Domo approves.

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