Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Alright so when I first started this blog I had a couple of people in mind that I really wanted to do a feature on. Well Andrew is probably the top person that I wanted to write about. Why? Simple, he is what a “drifter” is suppose to be.

Well the day started off with me scheduled to shoot Andrew’s car at around 7pm…well 3 failed attempts and one traffic jam later and I’m finally on my way with Ralph at around 7:30pm. Yup, running behind schedule by a boatload.

Traffic, yes I know I’m in the speed lane. This isn’t the traffic we got but similar.

When we finally got to Andrew’s I didn’t know what to expect, I had only seen him a couple of times at the skidpads and saying nothing more then “sup” to each other. But it took me little time to realize why this guy is always one of the few drivers that have been consistently ripping it at skidpads and other SFL events in the area. Any time I go to a skidpad I always hear the same shit “ohhh man, dude in the white hatch is up next, he rips”. Well, then it would probably surprise most people to know Andrew has only been drifting for 1 year. Now i’m not saying he is the sickest driver ever and blah blah blah, what i’m saying is, this is a guy that doesn’t make the typical excuses why he hasn’t progressed nor doesn’t complain about not having cash to hit up skidpads and events. This is a dude that just shows up, gives it his all and then sits back and lights up a cigarette just to see what his next move is.


Now, what has helped him excel at learning this sport fairly quicky? Its the way he approached drifting. Instead of spending all this money fixing up a car to be “drift ready” he just got a stock white S13 hatch, did the basics: welded diff, and coilovers. BLAM! instant tire shredding machine to learn to drift in. So what does this tell you? Don’t over build a car to the point where it passes your level of driving experience.

old picture ( yeah the car has progressed)

The best part, I thought, was that he use to daily drive his drift car. He would drive an hour away from his house (sometimes even farther), rag on the car at an event and then drive his car home to take it to work the next day. This means he has a strong level of commitment that most people don’t have. Most people build these amazing drift cars, but are too scared to drift it cause its either their daily, or its too nice to get wreck. GTFO with that shit. Learn from this dude, daily driving and drifting his car every chance he gets.

Andrew's car is simple yet has exactly what he needs, plus it looks pretty badass too.

Battle scars

I approve

Now, some of you might be curious who SMDG is. Pretty much there just a group of friends that are into drifting.
Also do I see a stock exhaust shield? Fuck yes I do, plus this motor has 213k miles on it. Eat that.

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