Ruby Fruit Jungle

Alright so this is David’s car. First, let me tell you about David. He is this really cool, down to earth dude that is a mechanic/entrepreneur. Think of that kid you went to school with, that decided he could make money if he would buy pokemon card packs and resell the rare cards to make money. He is also, the dude everyone goes to whenever they need a part for their 240sx.

So naturally it was about time he would have a clean car to show off his clean work. Now there is still a lot he needs to get done with the car but im sure everyone could agree that he isn’t off to a bad start at all.

Day started off with an early wake up call 9am -.-  Went to some tire place, got the tires mounted and then rode his Ruby Fruit Jungle of a car back to his lair. Thats where we (mostly him, I just sat there and tried to look somewhat useful to on lookers) mounted his rims and tires.

There are XXR 002 ( not anything crazy but they really set this car off nicely) on 205/55/16

None of that “hellaflush” shit here, just some meaty tires to catch grip and make the car look like the African Queen it is.

At the moment I dont have any engine shots but don’t worry he has a very neat setup under that hood. Nothing too crazy but then again nothing too mild neither. S15 Sr20det. Car roars all the way to redline.

Thanks for reading.

Also if you need any parts just hit up David

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